FOR CLASS 12 BATCH (Boards 2018)

FOR CLASS 11 BATCH (Boards 2019)

  • Admissions to Sunday - Wednesday and Monday - Thursday batches have been temporarily ceased. 

Online fee payment

  • From 1st April 2017, online payments of monthly fees will be made available for all students. To avail this service, each interested guardian must first enquire about the service over telephone and supply Aspirations verbally their personal email address, which may or may not be different from the email address that Aspirations already has of the student. After verbal confirmation, Aspirations will email to these guardians, the account details for such transactions. After making payments online every month, guardians must then email the receipts received from their banks over to the particular email address from which Aspirations had sent the earlier email. This facility is being started with the beginning of the financial year of 2017 - 2018 and Aspirations assures all transacting guardians that the amounts transferred to this particular account will be accounted and taxed as per Government regulations by the end of this financial year. But Aspirations will not accept transaction from any Corporate accounts. Transactions made from personal salary or savings accounts will only be accepted.
  • Aspirations has activated its UPI-based banking services through Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM). To make payments via UPI, parents need to have BHIM app linked to their bank accounts (i) via UPI, (ii) via bank account number + IFSC code. After doing so, they can transfer the monthly fees to Aspirations via its mobile number.
To discourage the practice delaying exam dates by students, it has been decided that from now on, all students appearing for examinations on delayed dates will be penalized by 10% of the examination marks, whatever may be the reason for the delay. This penalty will be implemented on those students who "delay" their exam dates and not on those who "advance" the dates.
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